Thursday, March 19, 2009


Now as time running so fast, they grow big, bigger and heavier..or maybe huge from other domestic cat in our town living area.

HiPitch Female Vocalist:

Affectionate Male Cat:

Missing Cat aka Run-away cat and never returned home.

Female Heavy Weight:

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Salam to everybody..

Pic above are my cats during their kittenhood. Suppose, there are 4 of them, but seem they are in very active age.. one manage to climbed out from the basket before i could snap their pic together-gether. See how lovely they are... and pic below they look so yummy to be squeezy...becoz of the 'montel'ness, but i never did that to them; poor little pity-cuteiy were sleepy..



Among 4 of the cats, a cleanest cat is Chici, which is female cat. The chubbiest is chiko, also female. There are others 2 are male, with grey fur we named it abou, and the fur with bleach yellow is bobby.

During hot day.. they had their own sleep-posed beside or ontop of their drinking bowl to cold-up.

The cleanest

The chubbiest